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stripping basket update

After serious tangles fishing the surf on Friday I spent rainy Saturday working on my stripping basket.

After trips to 2 hardware stores, I found the solution - weed-whacker refill "straights"...not the kind that comes in spools. These come in a tube and the stuff is memory free and fairly stiff.

Drilled 10 or so holes in the basket, threaded in the straights and heated the tips. Then pulled the tip back through the drilled hole, pushed through again and flattened melted mono against the bottom of the basket. This leaves a small melted mono rim inside the basket as well as the flattened bottom. They do not come out and no glue is needed.

Result was I could shoot the entire line and some backing with my 350 Grain over and over with no tangles in a wind. Works for me.

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