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Originally posted by fishheadfred

sounds so picturesque, the dock, the water, the boat....but i am having a little trouble visualizing it....maybe if i knew where it was and could see the scene for myself, i could get a line to her, i mean, get a line on what a beatiful scene it must be on your home waters

[Here's your visual!] Imagine a kettle hole almost 500 acres in size, over two miles long, almost a mile wide, shaped something like Africa. The deepest spot is about 70 feet, rock outcroppings, shoals and navigation markers to keep day use "googans" off them; bass that test tackle, holdover trout over three pounds, pout that'll scare ya comin'out of their bottom holes and white suckers well into the seven pound range. Beaver downstream, bear, coyotes, fisher, weasel, porcupine, deer, skunks, ducks, herons, loons, charming little snapping turtles - Nope, that's not my lake !


This past Sunday, a friends' youngest walked on to the dock with his Snoopy fishing rod and some kind of lure, most likely found in some of my stuff in the bedroom. He'd left the family worms at home, covered, on the kitchen table - home is over three hours away; they wouldn't return 'til the next day. Tim's mother handed him the cover to the worm container and told him to put it ON the worm container while at home - she failed to mention he should BRING the container to the car so it would travel with them

Tim decided he wanted to catch Mrs. Bass, who lives under the dock. Dangling the lure over the side of the walkway in a little less than three feet of water, he bent over to see if the fish would have any of it. Now, picture a kindergartener, intent on catching the monster hiding beneath him, bent over while standing at the edge of a wood walkway over water.

Mrs. Bass accommodated Tim, she did - she took the presentation and immediately started for deeper water. Well, Tim was so surprised, and so bent over the walkway when she hit, that he took a little swim when she started her run!!!

Tim ended up being pulled off the walkway in a perfect flat dive. Mrs. Bass continued to run, pulling the hook, effecting her escape. I suspect she took cover beneath my boat, moored some fifty feet away from the dock.

Tim, shaken and soaked, but none the worse for wear, climbed back onto the walkway.

He never let go of the rod the whole time
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