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[rough in: good idea but would the open end of the cone cause havoc when mixed with the surf - I'm thinking the retreating water would want to suck the basket off the wearer - as opposed to the wave pushing the unperferated basket bottom & the wearer up onto the beach...orsomethinglikethat.]

I don't see how, as these flanges are flat, would be roughed on the blind side which would mate to the belly of the dishpan; there wouldn't be any openness to water; these are mounted inside the dishpan, the bottom isn't perfed to accept them (or am I missing a key point?)

Cut&PasteAGAIN:eyecrazy: from the previous thread.

Or, if your company/organization has a Graphic Arts/Visual (whatever) department that uses adhesive back photobase, heavy coated paper, transparent sheet or what have you like the stuff Charrette sells, then you can scrounge the plastic tube ends, which are molded like an Atlas rocket nosecone, with a .250 flat flange. Cone measures 3.00" long X 1.875" dia. Flange is 2.50" dia. Cone shoulders off at 1.750 to a blunt tip of .5

I made a point of reading the boxes these "types" of papers and films come from when I posted this initially.

Charrette ALSO has a large Graphic Art reproduction business they do with engineering firms, etc.

Hey, You, where's you pencil, eh ???

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