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Mean Mr Mustard
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In defense of cheap, poorly constructed pontoon boats – Not everyone can afford Skookum, besides I have too many white elephants getting in the way, already.

“Hey, Pop, let’s get a canoe.” So I invest a grand in an Old Town canoe that sets in my yard, unused. Make a great planter when I finally get around to punching a few drain holes in the bottom.

I have a Sage “Noodle” spey rod (thanks, Russ), a gift from the wife. Sits in the corner, mostly unused.

The list goes on…

And I won’t even discuss yesterday’s hor$e$ - Warning! A quick trip to financial insolvency!

Nooooo, this time I wanted to start at the bottom and work up. The wife wanted to purchase a PAC 800 and I nixed the deal, preferring a full set of BFGs for the truck and a pair of “el cheapo” ODC Sport Boats (@$200 each). Worked out to about the same amount of money. The pair work just great for dragging leeches around the lake with the kid and I envision a few trips on the Skagit when the flows mellow. Nothing too extreme here…

So back to the question: Anyone have any thoughts on coatings, etc.? Any Chemical Engineers out there with ideas?

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