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Time to Take A Stand!

Fellow Forum Steelheaders,

Sorry for the late notice on this, but I wanted to let you know about the first meeting of concerned steelhead anglers happening Friday (tomorrow) at 7:30pm at Teds Sporting Goods in Lynnwood (Hwy 99 just north of Lynnwood).

There are a number of guides, shopowners, and fly/gear anglers that are disgusted with the WDFW's management practices that have kept our wild steelhead runs on the brink of extinction in an effort to appease the 'sportsmen' who want to harvest as many as they can and have led to the latest closure of our Spring C&R fishery on the Snohomish, Stillaguamish, and Skagit systems.

We're gathering at Teds to explore what actions we might want to take collectively to (1) bring about mandatory Wild Steelhead Release statewide and (2) get more accountability and cooperative managment from the WDFW.

Everyone is invited!! This is a chance to get your great ideas heard by a number of sympathetic ears - several planned attendees have already drafted an initiative for Wild Steelhead Release, and this is only one of the planned areas of discussion.

I know that a number of you already know about this meeting, but wanted to get this on the board just in case anyone hadn't heard.

Happy Thanksgiving - and Yes, I'm thankful there are still wild steelhead in many of our Washington rivers and that I still have a chance to help keep it that way!


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