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Season Almost Here

I can't believe it: the season is almost here and, as usual, I'm behind on my fly-tying. I can't think what I was doing back in January that could possibly have been more important than preparing for the upcoming season.

I'm pushing off for points north on June 2. I'll be starting out on the York and Dartmouth, moving on down to the Bonaventure, and finishing up on the Matapedia. With last year's heavy grilse runs, scientists are predicting a good show of 2SW fish, the 10-12 pounders that form the meat of a healthy run. I spoke to some friends from ASF at the Boston Dinner last week; they think the final buyout of the last of the Greenland Fishery is worth another 15,000 salmon. Fingers crossed.

Anybody got any plans for June? See you on the river.........
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