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Yamaha, Yamaha, YAMAHA!!!!!!!

LOL. Actually, I'm in process of getting a new sled. Will probably have the 200 hp jetpump with superpump lower unit.

But for kicker, will go with the 8hp yamaha with 9hp lower unit. My Dad has this setup and is the ultimate kicker for a sled. Will kick along almost any sled up to 20' long no sweat. My Dad uses it currently on his 19' sled and is one of the nicest motors. Has electric start/tilt. MAN, I'm in LOVE with this motor. I am an old die hard evinrude guy. Love my old 9.9's. Have one with electric start. But, after seeing this Yamaha, oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo o. I'm sold. The 8hp with 9hp lower unit actually is a better engine then the 9hp yamaha. My Dad bought as a fluke. Now, everyone he knows that sees his motor and tries it, has bought one. Would be great for just about any boat. I know his boat scoots right along. Extremely heavy currents he has a problem, but, you rarely use the kicker in currents like that anyways. I know the transducer put us at 20mph with that kicker. Not bad for size/weight of the boat (it's a heavy reinforced river sled).
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