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It could go that way, I agree. Or it could take 5 minutes and 5 bucks. So far I have been on the 5/5 plan.

I've already gone thru three Orvis baskets that flew out of the back of my truck or were left in parking lots while changing out of waders, etc. You seem to be able to hold onto yours longer and make it worth the investment. But if I buy three more (which I need) that would put me on the all-star team for glorified dishpan big spenders, triple digit stripping basket spenders' club, platinum.

I guess to me it's the principle. I want to find a solution to such an easy problem - putting a cone system into a dishpan, which is all the orvis basket really is except for the thermoforming. How friggin hard could it be? Believe me, given 6-8 of the right size, shape and material of cone and a tube of marine goop and you're done within 10 minutes. Yet thousands of anglers have yet to solve it in a complete and elegant manner.

I don't mind spending a huge chunk of change on a rod that casts itself, a reel that personifies form and function, even a pair of waders that won't let me down. Somehow I just can't see myself paying $120 for three dishpans!

The search continues...
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