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Invisable waders are better ... Lets see... buy the pan... and then the cones... the glue..but wait..I better go to the hardware store and get some nuts and bolts.... wait.. do I need glue also?..that's only $3.... Should I buy the cones..or go to the party favor store and get the plastic Easter eggs... I can't!... the store is only open tomorrow.. but if I stop at K-mart for the basket, I can get the glue there and swing by the hardware store and then the party favor store... Easter is over..I hope they still have the eggs... oh no ! I forgot what I will need for a strap... well ,I can search the Garage for a couple hours and I am bound to find something..... Lets see.. I figure if I time everything right it might take me a day to do this ... the travel and building... what the heck ,what else do I do on Saturdays anyway... I could always spread the project out a couple nights and trips to the store after work.... Darn...I forgot a drill.... will I need a drill or a soldering iron?????........ You Know on second though ...I think I will swing by and buy a nice one for $40.00 at Orvis (it will probably be cheaper and if time is money then it will definitly be cheaper)... and I get a free membership to TU. (I think Mine has run out) and I will spend the day fishing instead.........:eyecrazy:

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