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Actually a very cool question.

Jim (JDJones) Jones Realtor's husband works at the Animal forensics laboratory in Ashland, Or; the only one of it's kind in the world.

Bounced this question off the folks there and bit of a mixed answer. In general, parrot feathers are ok to own/use, and with the proper permits sell. (Bob Meiser has a web link to the Sysqu. Aviary on his web site; suspect they have all sorts of exotic/legal feathers.) The universal point though, is they would not recommend trying to sell them out side of the US.

As noted above any "raptor" feather are a HUGE NO NO.

Incredible laboratory; they have a store house full of DNA samples from around the world on specific endangered animals/birds/etc. Someone finds you with something 'untoward' and they can probably tell the Judge exactly what animal/bird it came from. Not just the type of animal/bird, but the specific one the feather/fur came from.

Back to the parrot thing. Apparently these getting turned in for testing is not unusual at all. And most disapointing to the arresting officer when found to be legal to own.
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