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Thanks for the suggestions!

I've got the inserts in another basket. The two-sided tape they provide should be discarded; I've since bought nylon screws with rubber washers to hold them in. Besides being very short cones, the insert plus fasteners costs 4 times the cost of the martini basket, approaching the Orvis basket in price, easier to go with the de facto basket and pay the $100 for three.

The individual screw-in cones are pretty good from the fly shows but cost a lot and require some effort. I can literally goop cones into the basket within a few minutes - the whole problem here is the lack of good cones, marine goop definitely does the trick and the rubbermaid basket is durable, light, and inexpensive.

Tried the mono loops and either I was doin' it wrong or they are a pain to insert! The bottoms hang out and catch the line from below, how aggravating. If the loops are not exactly the right length they bind the line. The problem there is not the loops, but the method of attachment. I did think about gooping small weed-wacker loop holder cones, but that's another experiment for another day and a lot harder than laying a bead of goop and plunking a cone into place.

Still laughing about the doggie comment! Keep your hands out of my basket! Sorry but I forgot to mention that I cut off the "nipples" with my dremel sidecutting disc after the photo.

Dfix - how many of those roll-ends can you get?
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