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Stripping basket cones

For those in the northeast coastal scene who rely on stripping baskets, it's always a balancing act between good ol' yankee frugality in a $2 dishpan and the $30+ "O" model. Of course for simplicity there's nothing like the molded version at a cost, but for a few dollars per basket it's worth considering making ones own cone system.

The problem is finding the cones. My most recent experiment is to Marine Goop the glass portion of plastic martini glasses, which come in two parts, to the bottom of the inside of the basket. The total cost not including the belt (which I got free with waders) is about $4-5 or 6-7 for the price of one O basket.

I am starting with the cheapest plastic glasses but if the design performs well there are unbreakable martini glasses or plastic funnels available at higher cost.

I have no idea if this will pass muster but I will report on performance after a few days on the water and if it does not fall apart I will post the instructions for the $4 cone basket.

Problems I forsee are:

- shape of bottom contour not being completely flat
- brittle nature of cheap glasses verses more expensive plastics
- glue not holding plastic to plastic
- less durable

Strengths I expect:

- incredibly low cost, thus I can make up spares in a few minutes
- larger cone shape appears to work better than spikes
- much lighter weight

I am sure with some searching there are tupperware type durable cones out there. If so, then it's simply a matter of the fastening technique.

I have lost two of the "O" brand baskets over the last 2 years due to various circumstances and am resolute not to invest another $90-100 (I need three).

The screw-in or stick-in cones made for this purpose have not performed very well for me and I would like a better solution that is comparable or superior to the O cones.

If anyone's already come up with a frugal yet effective solution chime in!

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