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Legality of offering parrot and macaw feathers for sale?

I'm sure there are several on the forum that can answer this question for me: Is it legal to offer feathers from a parrot or macaw for sale in the US? A co-worker of mine owns several parrots and macaws, all captive-bred of course, and has a surplus of feathers from normal molting periods. Many of these are in very good condition, and I've seen that certain feathers are used in traditional patterns, so I thought I'd just ask the question. The birds in question are the Yellow-Naped Amazon Parrot, African Grey Parrot, Blue and Gold Macaw, and Military Macaw. In addition, I have access to feathers from just about every species kept as a companion bird through ties with breeding facilities. If it's not legal, fine, I'm not trying to start a business or get anyone upset, just trying to understand what the consequences are, and if anyone would be interested or has any requests. TIA...

By the way, these are not native species, if that matters.

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