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Question question on spey hackle

I know there is a variety of ways to go, and each have their own preferences. I use blue eared pheasant and some misc types of feathers on mine. But what I was curious about, I had read about whitting coming out with a spey hackle. Never really read or heard much about it since. Did they ever create it? Was it any good? Or better to just stick with blue eared?

Also, what do you all use for your hackles? I know I've tried schlappen, burnt goose, and the "spey hackle" you find by Deke Meyer (which is a pain to tie with and only a few of the feathers really look good, so have to weed most out). Just trying to see if I'm in the right direction. I've used heron, but of course we all know it's hard to come by, and too expensive when you find legal documented stuff. So, what else does everyone use?
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