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Fish Hawk I would disagree with you on that one

Whether the fly was a tube, waddington or regular hook isn't going to determine how deeply a fish takes it.

There are times when fish just plain take a fly deep, I would say you have a pattern that the fish really want, or a combination or good fly pattern with excellent fishing conditions.

I have fished steelhead patterns that were tied on low water #10 hooks.....a size the fish should be able to swallow completely only to lip hook the fish.

I have also had fish take huge 5/0 greaseliners that literally inhaled the fly.

Both these flies were on the Dean...dont forget...the Dean fish are very aggressive fish and will take a fly hard...sometimes in the lip ,sometimes deep in the throat.

I really dont see how style of pattern determines the depth of the take. There are just too many variables to say that any style is responsible for a deep take.

In my opinion I think you have a combination of eager fish, good fly pattern and good overall water temp, clarity and active fish.

I fish a particular pattern here on my home waters in the Kootenays ( BC ) the sizes range from #6 to #2 6XL shank hooks. Last time out on the water I hooked three fish so deep with the monsterous #2 fly that I needed forceps to retrieve the fly. Something I had never experienced on that particular watershed. The fishing was very hot that day, and I think that the competition by other fish was fierce . They were savaging the fly and three fish took the fly deep .

If you want to ensure minimal damage with a deeply hooked fish ensure that the hook size is on the small size. For steelhead I would say limit that to a size #1 and no larger

My two cents worth


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