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The rod is finished; wrapped it yesterday and starting putting the Perma-Gloss on last night, finished it today. Some thoughts...

I used a carbon-fiber-insert reel seat, but wanted it recessed. Since no one seems to be able to get the new Pac Bay model in, I had a guy at the local fly shop lathe a full-wells out for me, and I was able to use a standard flush-mount seat. Looks nice, and is unique.

Opted for the new REC nickel titanium single-foot snake guides on this one. They were about $0.30 more expensive than the TiCH guides per each, but I have seen them on a couple of rods and liked the idea of their being practically indestructible. My complaint is that the actual foot of the guide (where the wire is fused to itself) was "off" on a couple of them, which makes the guide lean to one side when mounted. Next time: back to TiCH; I've never had that problem with them before, they're cheaper (if only by $3 for the whole set), and I'm careful enough with my tackle that guide-breakage isn't much of an issue... yet... we'll see how this rod does on the 'yak, I may change my mind.

Back to 2-part finishes on the rest of my rods; they seem to dry more quickly, give off less fumes (so far as I can tell, but I may have suffered mild brain damage from using the Perma-Gloss, so I can't really say with any certainty :eyecrazy: ), and build up a nice glossy coat with two or three applications max., whereas I had to do 5 and in some cases 6 to get the same result with PG. The finish is nice, but the excessive fumes combined with the number of coats required has made up my mind for me: next time it's FlexCoat Light.

Although this rod is fast and light, and I think it will be a great casting stick, I've found that 7-pieces is too much to build and will probably stick with 4-piece and under from now on.

So overall, the rod cost me around $125 to build... not too shabby. I think the next rod will be a 10' 8-wt. for the yak.
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