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Figured it was time I posted a shot of this "hi-tech" device... seen here are two chucks; one for the larger-diameter blank sections, the other for smaller diameter sections. The chucks hold onto the drive shaft and blank via friction, and leave no marks. The best thing is, I found a few stoppers (pre-drilled) sitting around in a box in our storage area, so the chucks were free...

I have come to a few conculsions while using this chuck and building this rod...

1. The chuck works very well, simply support the blank section somewhere around the midpoint with some object of the same height as the bottom of the drive shaft with respect to the working surface (I used a spare display box with a sock covering it to ensure that the blank didn't get scratched). The blanks never slipped once, and the resulting finish was very nice... speaking of...
2. I'm going back to 2-part finishes... used Perma-Gloss on this one, worked okay, but takes 5 or more coats to get a smooth, glossy finish. I have patience, but this is too much... Also, with all those fumes, I was practically seeing "pink elephants on parade"...
3. I will never again build a 7-piece fly rod... neat, but what a pain to wrap. Having said that, I can't wait to get this 6-wt. out on the water (or at the least, the lawn) for a practice session; I think it will cast like a cannon.
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