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One day can make all the difference!

I am so glad i found this forum! Great report Juro! Something you'll never read in your local newspaper. I'll bet if you're there on Sunday, you'll have company! I had the entire shoreline to myself. Not a single boat or clammer all morning! I was there on Friday in the rain praying for the sun to come out. It finally did after I had given up and made the long walk back to Outermost Harbor. I made it as far as the Rip Ryder drop-off on foot during full high and got discouraged with the weather (raining again). I caught schoolies all the way back. Those fish did not move out of the grass either and when released, as tired as they were from being hooked, hole shotted back to the grass like lightning! They hated being over the sand. If only I had stuck it out and moved another hour down the beach. Oh, my aching feet! Thanks to a shout from Penguin I ventured out to a spot on foot near my house here in Mystic and got into some rather large fish blindcasting at the point. I'll be back in Chatham when the sun is out even if I have to call out from work!

So many places to fish.. friends to little time.
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