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Yes, and there were witnesses. The seal was foraging where I had landed several large bass. He loomed into view and gave me a start. I started stripping faster and thump!!! He was on!

The drag screemed bloody murder and pop went the leader. He surfaced with the same look on his face as my dog has when he craps on the rug! :hehe: None the worse for wear as he swam away.

One day I ventured out too far before the tide dropped on a flat and a very large bull seal (600 lbs?) was still eating his lunch. He didn't like my presence at all, but I figured hey it's just a seal. WRONG! He came at me at such a speed that his bulging brow created a pressure wave as his black eyes were fixed on me, swerved at the last second, scared the living out of me! Ever have that dream where you can't run fast enough? I was living it realtime as I "ran" off that deep shoal back to dry land! :eyecrazy:
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