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I can't help with the cigars..I'm a weenie. However, I do love my pipe filled with Lane's 1Q along with my scotch. Over the years I have spent more money than my wife need know about on every pipe tobacco out there, trying to find one that was pleasurable to me and pleasurable or at least non-offensive to my wife. Lane's 1Q, a cheap tobacco, filled the bill to the extent that a month ago I sent over 20 assorted tins of unopened tobaccos to a friend. I guess that I'm a failure as a connoisseur. St. Croix rods, Pflueger reels and cheap pipe tobacco. But, what the hell, I even caught a fish once and I do love good single malt. I can't be all bad.

Crusty (Whose inferiority complex is not as good as yours.)
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