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Unhappy Sorry Oly

Wish I had some reports for you. But this has been my worst year (August of 2002 to present) for fishing since the day I started fishing back in 1973. Been hurt, and my injury has left me almost completely unable to fish, and not able to work at all. Been on light duty in the office until Feb, home ever since. But hard to even get the rod out and hit the spots. In too much pain simply from using my bad arm for doing the double hauling.

Normally, I'm fishing 4-5 of my working days. I normally always carry some sort of fly rod with me in my UPS truck. I rarely fish the popular spots (Olalla by Al's, Purdy Spit) since I have access to a ton of private beaches. But, haven't been out there much at all. Have been VERY successful the days I have fished (am averaging about 3 landed fish per trip on average). Had an awesome time in Nov/Dec fishing chums on Minter. But, it sucked, after a few battles, I was ready to stop. Had a 20 chum day, and was doped up on heavy prescription percocet for then next couple days to recoup. I hurt so bad JUST REELING!!!!

I know most of the places I fish out there are normally open year around. Haven't checked the new regs yet since I can't really fish anyways. But I know I've caught SRC's and Coho all year around, and primarily the most in months of Dec/Jan (which sucks because Dec is busiest time of year for a UPS driver lol).
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