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Dear Riveraddict,
I can only speak from a historical sense, but I fished the Santiams 3 or 4 times a week when attending college at OSU. Both Stems of the river have wonderful steelhead fly fishing appeal and have relatively little pressure, but the Northfork from Pack Saddle down to Mehama, and for about 10 miles below Mehama were my favorite waters. I drifted the river and learned to cast with Dave McNeese on this river. He was a magical caster and fly tier, and let me wrap fly rods to pay for my fly tying addiction while going to school. It was my pleasure to have made the acquaintance of Al Buhr during that time, which I am sure he would not remember. He was also a great caster and spey line designer as well. As I recall the summers should be poking into the Santiams right about now, but for better information I would contact Al Buhr or Brian O'keefe. Brian lives on the Northfork and I'm sure would be happy to pass on current information.

Best Regards,
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