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Old Lures

This topic did not come out of nowhere. In the post "Smart Media Upgrade", we got off onto a tangent about Old Fishing Lures. Garo wanted to show an example of his Digital Camera's Macro capability, so he posted a link to one of his E-bay Auctions which featured a very nice Heddon Lure. This jogged my memorey, I had found an old tackle box in the basement of a house that I bought over 10 years ago. I kept this rustey box, which contained several lures. I recalled that one looked like the one in Garo's auction, so I went home & dug out the old box & found I had 10 old lures & 7 of them were in their orginal boxes. I bought a book (Carl Luckey) did some research & found that a few of them are fairly rare & sought after pieces of Americana. So go take a look.

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