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Hi All,
Hope you're all having a productive weekend... on the water. I was just down at a local sporting goods place and saw kayaks on sale. Spoke with a salesman who kayaks locally, and am interested in an 11.5' Dagger. Basically, I want something that will enable me to access lakes, slow-moving rivers, and the ocean (flats). This one has a drop-down keel, ample storage space, 285-lb. weight capacity (I weigh around 205), and weighs in at around 50-lbs. I'm new to kayaking, and simply want something I can use as a short-term solution to getting out on the water until I can afford an actual flats boat... like maybe in 5 years. This yak runs around $550, then 10% off of that. Any suggestions... looking at purchasing sometime before the end of Summer.
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