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Rivermouth Pike

I fished the Credit River mouth area in my hometown of Port Credit today. (In the clearer backwaters of the marina area.)
Using a 7wt flyrod , a full sinking line, a 4' leader of 25# test mono and my "secret weapon" fly, I caught 3 pike.
The largest was around 7 pounds, although I also saw one larger about 10 pounds.
secret fly was a 3" black rabbit-strip leech with lead-eyes.
Using polarized glasses, I could see individual pike sunning along the rocky shoreline there.
A strategic cast ahead of 'em, I then allowed the fly to sink to their eye-level or deeper.
You just twitched it back teasingly with pauses.
The fish either spooked away or ignored it, but eventually one would react, turn, follow & inhale it!! Yowza! What a blast.
This fishing only lasts a few weeks, then the pike move deeper as the water temps. rise. But for now, it's the best game in town!
After the pike leave, the smallmouth bass & carp move in for an all-summer treat. Fish on!
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