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Yes, this is "ON topic" IMHO.

Thanks Sinktip. Kush can you confirm that "Juro's Delight" was McClelland's 16 yr? I just went to the liquor store and couldn't find a 16. I live in logging country and the local store is big on Wild Turkey and EverClear, but not so hot on scotch.

My scotch on hand includes:

Balvenie - Single Barrel 16, Doublewood 12, and Founder's Reserve 10
McClellands: Islay, Highland, and Lowland
Auchentoshan Lowland 10
Bowmore Islay 12
McLaren Speyside Single Cask 24

I have tried many others but I am by no means an expert. By the time I have had one drink my taste buds go south. By the time I have had two, I follow them.

The McLaren Speyside is the best to my taste. I bought two bottles to bring to the PNW Clave, but the dates and locations changed so often and so fast that by the time I figured it all out (IF I figured it all out) it was too late to make arrangements so I drank one of the bottles and saved the other. I've got two more on the way though - wanna have another clave?

I made notes from the Chum thread but I would be interested in more suggestions from any of you alco...ummm "social drinkers" yah, that's drinkers out there.

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