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A new negotiating stance!!!!!

Anyone who has ever had the job of negotiating has been made aware of the problem of starting with the position of what it is you want. This position is countered by what the other party wants. Disscusions started at the two poles result in some type of middle ground or in some cases the "Status Quo".
Regarding the intransiet position of Fishery Managers to move on what I view as adequate Wild Stock protection I have to wonder what extreme proposal would one have to start with in order to achive his real objective of adequate escapement.
The Anti C&R boys are quick to suggest a Februaury closeing date with no C&R season maybe we need to recomend a complete closure as a starting point realizing of course such an event is as unlikely as the scenario where there is no C&R season. Something that I read in the parks news release that I find saddening is that despite numerous post on several websites and calls for testimony in local and regional newspapers only 70 individuals responded to the request for testimony.
I will keep on responding and stay the course but when the Park Service disses its own proposal because of WDFW I wonder if it will ever come to pass.
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