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And the "right" answer is.....

Yes, it does depend on where you live, what you fish for, and how big the water is that you fish.

As for me, here in the land of Lake Ontario tribs, I fish for about 6 months for stream trout, and about 6 months for the "trib" runs of salmon, browns and steelies.

So my fishing is divided commensurate to the time devoted to each. Most of the tribs I fish don't require a "cannon", but my 11 1/2 footer is perfect for my needs, so I use that 2-hander for them.

But for stream trout, anything over a one-hander would be "overkill".

I think we all use a modicum of common sense when we approach our fishing, and tend to use the right rod for the job. (Of course, there are some of us who tend to be hard-headed, but that is a small exception.)

If I really NEEDED a longer rod, or a cannon, I would get one. The same goes for shorter rods.

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