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Bonsoir Topher,
Not too long ago, I remember people coming in the Zec office to tell me there is a guy in Zone 10 York fishing with a "gigantic rod!". It's very long and he's even holding it with both wonder he's hiding in Zone 10!!"
Then one day, I was fishing Zone 2 York ( Spring RocK Pool) and right above me at Tent Pool was a guy casting in MY! SPRING ROCK POOL!!!!! Hello???????? Is this an electric rod or whatttt!!????????
I cross the river and walked up to Tent POOL and said, "SHOW ME THAT ROD!" .....Hmmm?? Not heavy, interesting reel and line, Can I try??? Show me how to cast with it!!!
It works!!
This was I'd say 6 or 7 years ago...A few anglers would be seen fishing with spey rods and they were the ( talk of town!!).
We are now seeing many more spey casters here on the Gaspé Rivers...
I think many people, like me before, figured it's not for them because, they aren't tall enough(??!!) . They have enough problems fishing in high waters... why fish with a big intimidating rod and double the trouble. Not only will the fly get stuck in the trees..that big rod will hit the trees on the back cast!!!!
Once they take time to sit on the shore, LIKE I DID(instead of casting, casting and casting trying to reach those fish on the opposite side.....maybe once on 10 cast reach the fish.)
and watch a spey caster....... okay!!!!! It's a different techinque, no back cast needed.....(no tree climbing....yes!!)
Double or single.........I understand now what's happening here.......I'M JEALOUS!!!!!!
All this to say.......... now there are spey schools, casting demonstrations at fly shows, excellent books and "excellent" instructors........ and we are seeing more and more of those "giant" rods here in Gaspé!!

By the way, Monsieur Browne, why have you never shown me your Spey flies?????

are these yours????
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