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RE:No March/April Fishery


Some good input. I think you are right in that 1) we can never change the Bolt ruling and 2) the only way to make a lasting difference is to get all parties on board.

The initiative process that some of us are exploring would not impact the Native American fishery as State law can never supercede Federal. It would however stop the sport killing of native fish. Would this mean more fish for the tribes? Yes but the tribes are not stupid, they realize that an ESA listing will impact them as well. So far they have shown flexibility in shifting of netting dates so as to minimize native catches. Now I still think the 5% rate that is being thrown around is 5% too high but it is better than it has been in the past. I like you live trap idea and think it has merit.

As for the plunkers that view native catch and kill as a right, you are right, they do exist and they are quite vocal. I disagree with that view and believe that the majority of sportsmen do as well. I also think that if it was phrased in the right way, the voting public would support a ban on the killing of native fish. Either way, we switch to C and R now or nobody will be fishing at all in the future.

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