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RE:Workin' on logos, stickers, hats, etc....

Hi All:
First of all happy new year!
With regards to the oval window sticker...
I really like the first one Juro posted, but like others, feel that it might look better still with a slight modification.

While I agree that the url says it all, IMNSHO it's still nice to see "Flyfishing Forum",as is, in larger letters somewhere.

I like the idea of moving "Flyfishing" slightly inside the oval frame (the font looks great). The large font "FORUM" could be removed and instead, placed with the same font as "Flyfishing" on the inside of the oval frame but at the bottom of the decal and concave up (opposite "Flyfishing").
The all important url would move slightly upwards to occupy the space vacated by "FORUM". Of course, this is just some tweaking on an already good design.
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