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Sorry .....made a mistake

Steve.....the magazine is Fish and Fly however, I stand corrected the correct one was Winter 2002 ..not Spring 2003.

Tyler....I agree the tube is by far the easiest way to tie this one. I have been buying the 1/8th ID ( inside diameter) air brake line from Lordco Automotive supply....the fellow gets it in for me 50' at a cents a foot.

I have also been soaking the pheasant tails overnight....then stripping the barbs from the center of the quill....comes off in a really nice single piece, rather than splitting the quill with a razor.

I have also been tying some pretty cool looking flies previously called a name I will not repeat here for fear of being deleted...needless to say the fly has been renamed the SELECTOR..I have adapted them to the Tube and adapted the use of the intruder concept ...Ostrich and all.

Click on the link to and scroll down the pdf. file to see the fly.

It is tied on a barrel swivel...something I found very frustrating, you guessed it...I tie it on a tube and use the juntion tube to pull the swivel up inside of it...allows for the hook to trail to whatever length I like

Best regards....Jake

Tight Lines and Screaming Reels!!!
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