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RE:No March/April Fishery

On this site we seem to be of agreement on C&R. There are PLUNKERS out there who feel C&R is foolish and harassement to our Native Steelhead. They also mention that because of the Bolt desision that the Native Americans would be entitled to more fish because there would be more fish available if C&R fishing did help increase the amount of fish in the rivers. They technically are right on that issue but it should not be an issue if we could make fish trap netting an economically viable wat to fish.
I've put out this issue last year and hoped that the WAA would become a real organization and research this way to save fish and at the same time let our Native Americans and Commercials be able to continue their way of life.
What I've found that the high end markets and resteraunts are interested in enviromentally friendly caught fish that they could marke as such and sell at a good price such as they do with free range chickens and beef now. As it stands the tribes are getting 50 cents to 1 dollar a pound now for the fish they catch. If they used fish traps to catch marked hatchery fish and co-oped them directly to the markets on a daily basis they could easily make 3 dollars a pound or more and allow all Native fish to swim free. They would have to comply with a set of guide lines to qualify but at 3 bucks a pound the insentive is there. The commercials I've talked to like the idea and hoped more research would be done in this area. The Native Americans I don't know about as I do not have any formal plan to discuss with them. The traps are expensive but the federal goverment just spent $500,000 on buying the Native Americans on the Columbia new Gill Nets, we know that too much money is being spent in all the wrong places.
I feel that if we could ever suceed in a C&R fishery both sport and commercial we have a bit of a chance to save our Great Native Steelhead.
What do you all think of the enviro friendly fish idea, would like some feed back both positive and negative on this. Rememeber the Bolt ruling is real and will never be repeled with friction on our part we must look for ways to work with our fellow fishermen, the Native American and Commercials. They should be our partners in saving native fish not our enemies.
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