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RE:Bleak Picture for the Salmon of the World


In response to your stat on escapes getting better. I'm afraid that it is just not so, the basic problem is that the salmon farming industry here in B.C. is "self-regulating" talk about the fox guarding the hen house! The numbers are going down because those are simply the "reported escapes". The industry has become quite sensitive to criticsm and I would suggest for its own best interest that the only reported escapes are the ones they HAVE to own up to because somebody witnessed it!

The bottom line here is that our government sees the industry as some kind of cash cow and has bent over backward to make it easy for them to do business. Often Canadian governments are criticised by business people for its socialist tendencies and extensive regulation but that is not the case with aquaculture. The free hand given this industry is enough to make a laissez-faire capitalist fresh from the 1850's swoon with excitement!

Anyway, tight lines - tyler
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