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I fish 2-handed 2/3 of the time. Of that, mostly a Sage 8150-4 (DT9F floating, WC 8/9/10 for tips), or for low small water a "green" 7136-4 (Triangle taper 8/9). I have Sage 9140-3 in the closet, purchased on the cheap, casts like a cannon ... but I honestly don't enjoy playing our smallish Oregon fish off the tip of this rod. I like a deep bend. still, I'm holding onto it for the BC trip that will "eventually" happen

The remaining 1/3 of the time I'm on brushy creeks with a T&T 10' #7 (DT7F and DT8F).

I use the 2-handers as often as possible because .... they're fun! I'm new to them (3 yrs) and decidedly in the "honeymoon" phase. I enjoy the novelty and learning they provide -- though not to diminish their practicality, especially when fishing tips for long hours.
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