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Easy Steak Tips

Easy Steak Tips

The first thing you need is the right cut of meat. After a lot of experimenting (top round, bottom round, flank, blade, those precut tips) I determined that Sirloin Strip Steaks around 3/4" thick are the best way to go. These are not all that expensive; I get mine at BJ's, the Value Pack (5 lb or more) is $2.99-$3.29 per pound, which is not that much more than good burger meat.

Strip steaks are not that wide ~3", so I cross cut the grain about 1", so I end up with little steaks that are around 3/4" X 1" X 3". After cutting, leave all the steaks on the cutting board.

Dry-Rub the steaks with Onion Powder (not salt), Garlic Powder (not salt), & ground ginger. If you are not used to using ground ginger, be warned that it is very strong & easy to over-do, so about 1 Table spoon for 5lb.

Now place the meat into a sealed marinating container, Zip-Lock bags, or Vacuum seal bags. For the Teriyaki sauce, I use a combination of 1/3 Kikkoman & 2/3 Maui-Mountain Hawaiian. The Kikkoman alone is way too salty. Another, more healthy way I have done the sauce is 1/2 Kikkoman & 1/2 Applesauce or Duck sauce. You want something to cut the saltiness of the Kikkoman & at the same time, you want something sugary that will caramelize on the meat while cooking. Next, let the meat marinate for at least one full day; I prefer 2-3 days in the refrigerator. I also believe that the vacuum seal bags help the meat marinate better; sucking out the air gets the sauce into the meat.

Finally the cooking. I chef friend of mine (J&W not CIA) once told me that the biggest mistake people make when grilling meat is that they don't cook it hot enough or fast enough. Preheat your grill to around 400-450, on my LP grill I preheat for around 12-15 minutes on high with the lid closed, or until the gauge gets 2/3 up. Cook the meat quickly, 7-8 minutes is all you should need. Take one of the larger pieces off the grill & cut it open; it should be pink & warm in the middle
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