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Survey: One-Handed or Two?

I do most of my salmon fishing on a two-handed rod. I'd say I'm on a two-hander about 70% of the time: usually a Thomas & Thomas 1409-3 or a Sage 8126-3 (sign me up for a CND 14.5 footer as soon as it's available).

I use a Sage 9' for #8 wt.--my only single-handed rod--when fishing dry flies or wets in low water. The single-hander is still far more popular on the rivers I fish in Eastern Canada (although the two-hander is running a close second on some rivers during the very early or very late seasons in high water).

As the members of the Flyfishing Forum are a discriminating group, I began to wonder:

1) What percentage of the time do you fish a single-handed rod vs. a two-hander?

2) What lengths, line weights, and brand names do you prefer?
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