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RE:No March/April Fishery

I may be off base on this one but Skookum asked me earlier today about experience in activism. Well I don't have any but driving home I got to thinking about the political process. It occurs to me that we may be going about this all wrong. If I understand the petition currently being circulated correctly, we are signing up to tell WDFG that we want a statewide C & R of native fish. Unless I'm wrong, they can look at ourlist of 150,000 signatures and say, f*** you. So what other avenue can we use? Since Tim Eyman can get the proper number of signatures on an initiative to cut mass transportation or lower car tabs, why couldn't we do the same. Seems that taking this to the voters might be the answer. We could make C & R of natives the LAW. I know we have tried this route before with Ban All Nets but that was a horse of a diff. color. This would potentially get the sportsmen, the environmentalists and buisness behind it. Heck, if those more informed than I think this worthy, I'm willing to dedicate my time pulling it together and stumping for signatures. Besides, I suddenly have a lot of free time this spring.

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