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Unhappy 4/27 Monster Carp (but no takers)

On Sunday I took my boat to the same place where I hooked my first carp on the fly rod about a year ago. It's a little pond that's separated from the main lake by a causeway. This pond is very shallow and it becomes a carp magnet in the spring. I went there hoping to catch my first carp of the season. The clouds made it difficult to see anything for a while, but then the sun came out and I started seeing carp feeding in the shallows and cruising along in deeper water. A couple were monsters -- maybe 25 lbs, maybe more ! Most of the time I spooked them before I could make a cast. I did make a few good presentations (well, I thought so anyway) but they didn't want my fly. I primarily used a brown woolly bugger but also tried a couple other flies. The carp weren't chasing each other around like they were last year, so the maybe the water was still a bit too cold. Oh well, it won't be too cold next time !

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