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Just received the blank... more like a 6-wt. Butt diameter is about 0.410", very fast action , but one thing scares me as I look at it... 7 pieces! Does anyone have any comments on whether or not rods with this many pieces are more prone to breakage? A little sheet that came enclosed with the blank says to wrap the ferrules at least 1.5" up from the female section... that seems excessive to me. I've built three- and four-piece rods in the past and have never wrapped that section more than 1" (sometimes 0.75", as a matter of fact). The thing that concerns me is the added weight of all of the extra wrapping and finish, considering there are 6 ferrules to wrap. The blank weighs a mere 1.56 ounces (weighed on a lab scale), so I'd like to keep it as light as possible. Anyone care to share an opinion on this? TIA...
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