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RE:No March/April Fishery

Duggan - I agree with many things you pointed out, particularly your questioning of a kill fishery. It's easy to forget that the reason our natives run in the spring is due to selective modification of the native runs by early season kills to support quotas (Boldt decision, etc). In other words, before we screwed with it the whole thing was a native run and it didn't just show up in March/April.

By introducing hatchery fish and allowing early season kill harvesting, we segregated the runs into early hatchery and late native over time... as a general rule. But when you consider the numbers of native fish being caught at the big eddy on the Snoqualmie in late November, December etc. - it's amazing for a river that ends in a waterfall taller than Niagra with a few tribs on the way. Then count in the Skykomish, a river in which native fish are (relatively) prevalent and common throughout the season. Finally, the Stilly - which is also a segregated late native run as far as my experiences would indicate (except for Deer Crk and South Fk fish, etc).

Sustaining a kill season prolongs the separation of runs and threatens native fish that respond to rain, weather or other signals leading to migratory activity.

I believe that just cutting off the late season with a kill season during the artificial harvest period is not as effective a solution as making the whole season a no-kill resitricted fishery and keeping April open to single barbless no boats. The latter would be far more effective if the goal is to protect the native fish.
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