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RE:No March/April Fishery


Thanks for the continued updates. Damn, I didn't think that I could get any more depressed than I already was over the closure of the Sky. Well, I was wrong. I spent an hour talking with my wife last night about the Sky/Stilly closure and went to bed feeling better because she pointed out, you can still fish you just have to get up earlier and drive further. A lot further it appears now.

Putting the self pity aside, I agree with being torn on this issue. If the runs are really that depressed, I fully support a closure. If however the data is flawed or just that the last two years were an anomoly, I have serious issues with it. In thinking about this, and believe me I have been thinking about it, I keep coming back to two issues. First, if the runs were so depressed in 98-99, why have a kill fishery in 99-00. Secondly, is it just possible that the 99-00 run was late and the air survey of redds didn't pick up on it? I know that I was picking up bright strong native fish the first couple of weeks of June after the river reopened. These were not downstream spawners but rather hard energetic fish not long out of the salt. Since the river levels were up then and water clarity down, is it possible these fish's redds were never counted? Maybe I'm grasping at straws?

I guess the worst part is that I don't see this as a one year closure. My guess is 2-3 years at a minimum. Any thoughts?

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