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RE:No March/April Fishery

Well, the news is getting worse. Just talked to Mr. Kraemer again--the closure includes the Skagit/Sauk system. As for your suggestion of FF only, Juro, no go. The political forces that be in this state won't go for it, even if we fly-fishers think (and know) the impact would be reduced. In the eyes of the general public and the gear fisherman, as you can understand, it would be unfair. My suggestion would be to use this year's returning hatchery 2-salt fish as an indicator of ocean survival before closing the season. If we get an unusually robust return--enough to mitigate the lower number of 3-salt and repeat spawning fish, I think they should go ahead and open it. How to get this idea to them, I don't know. Sounds like it may already be a done deal. I guess as sorry as I'm feeling for myself, I feel even worse for the guides and shops that are going to be in serious trouble over this. Ah, what to do, what to do...It's a tough spot, because if we fight like hell to get them to open it and it really is a depressed return, we will be guilty of shooting ourselves in the foot. On the other hand, the state is basing this on poor outgoing smolt number, which is proven to be a lousy indicator of returning adult numbers, and poor ocean conditions, which many feel is just not the case with the 2-salt fish that should be returning this year. So there could be a great run this year. The state's going with "better safe than sorry" and I don't know what to think. Any thoughts?
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