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Hi Juro,

Last 30 days I've been playing with the 5120 and chasing trout. The Yakima river, Dry Falls Lake and Puget Sound Cutthroat. I refer to that as two handing for trout. On the Yak, I might use a spey line or a few spey casts with the SA steelhead taper, but the majority is still just two handing with shooting heads. I'm going for those light little casts that Goran demonstrated at Kauffmanns spey days. Since there are no specific rods for this purpose, I just use what I can get. So far the 5120 fits the bill even though the rod can handle up to an 8wt. What I really want is an overhead 4wt 12 foot where the bottom two thirds would be fast action and the tip would be a wet noodle. Actually, I don't know what will work. I'm just trying everything two handed. My goal is one cast fly fishing with the ability to spey on small streams. I am the only fruitcake, as far as I can tell, that is even trying this. I'm either wasting my money or an innovator. Frankly, I don't care either way. I'm having a whole lot of fun doing something nobody else has. Sure would like to check out that east coast two handed surf casting one of these days.

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