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Happy Holidays & Thanks

As we hopefully rocket towards the first spring trout and schoolies I just wanted to extend my sincere thanks to Juro and the rest of the crew for the BEST season of my life.

Juro's intent was to create a community of comrades whose passion for fly-fishing would break down the barriers we all put up or run into every day. As I remember my season and the friends I made and re-connected with, I would have to argue that he has accomplished this.

Fond memories:
- Being laid off and having the cape to myself weekdays.
- Landing my first keeper Striper (ever) with Juro in the spring
- an incredible day in Barnstable with Terry & trying to stretch the success out at the Bass River - only to get skunked
- looking for more fish with Nate at the spring clave
- fishing P-town with the Esteys, AL & Greg during the Monomoy clave
- miles and miles of wandering Monomoy with Juro, Bigcat, DaveP, BrianZ
- having South beach to myself during one of the early shuttles & finding fish where I knew they would be
- Rip Trips
- Big Girl
- Pete from Calgary clearing a knot for me as I fought a cow on a Rip Trip
- watching Bigcat keep pulling in fish on the Rip while we were getting skunked
- meeting Mr. Morin

Too many more to list and I don't want to bore you with the rantings of a depraved striper junkie.

I wish you all a safe & happy holiday!

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