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RE:No March/April Fishery

Skookum -

Thanks for the update, I had just found a phone # for a friend working in Olympia for fish and game but I won't need to call him now. It's bitter-sweet; my thoughts are all over the place on the matter.

Since the fishery is not just fly fishermen but includes plug pullers in driftboats, corkies, hardware, etc - pounding the river as well, I have to think the impact on the fish can be pretty significant. That's not to say that fly fishermen are better than gear guys - it's just to say that the impact on fish would be less if it were just FF than the way it is today. I'd also go as far as saying that the impact would be less if it were "FF only" than "gear only" as well, but that's another story.

So that leaves me with a few things to consider - (a) what about a FF only season when runs are down as an intermediate measure? (b) or a shorebound single barbless hook season as an intermediate measure (eliminate the plug pulling, netting and boating of fish)? (c) Perhaps a closure is the only way to be fair? (d) Having fished the Green for a dozen years and seen how spring closures have caused a boom in native populations, I can't say it's all bad to close a run to angling once in a while.

My personal preference would be for a fly-only season, but I can hear the screaming now. If the closures have a profound effect, the angling will return to normal and abstaining for a season or two will be worthwhile.

Looks like the peninsula's gonna see more anglers this spring too!
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