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Fred, I could not agree more regarding the log book. If I may be so bold, how far back are we talkin when we say "Back Then"? And when you say you had to document a full year, why? If you only had say 60 days in the year you would still need additional time, right? I think the current requirement seems to make more sense, maybe I'm wrong! My sea time documentation went back 4 years and had alot more than 180 days, and when and if I decide to upgrade to a Masters near coastal or more, the additional time will be needed. I only went back 4 years because I did not want to start using other peoples vessels and go looking for the verification letters and my previous boat was a long time ago and I did not want to estimate the time frame or search for the documentation. The 180 days is only for the 6 pk. I should dig out the complete package and review and post the requirements for all levels. I'll try to do that tonight and post it tommorrow!
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