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Sorry about not responding quicker Sean. I didn't see your post until now. Might have been quicker to email me through the site. I don't care about distance on the salt. I'm just spoiled rotten by Spey casting and only keep my nine footers for the kids. It's all about spending more time with my fly on or in the water, rather that 9 feet off the water. I have caught very few fish nine feet above the water. Also, since I'm not spending all my time false casting, I can fish twice as long. The only time I need distance is when a seal pops his head up. They are too used to nine foot rods and when I shoot a fly in front of their face, they haul ass. Other than that, all my catches have been within 50 feet. I understand also about the big rod on the salt thing. I think I have erradicated the problem with my 5120 from Sage. That 5 wt allows me to fish for trout and the Cutts a lot better. If I ever get out of Puget Sound and fish the surf off the coast, I'd probably use my 12 foot loop 8wt for distance.

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