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Office Party and merrymaking

Well we had an office party today and boy am I stuffed. One guy brought in a Orange Ricotta Pie (sweet dessert) Wow was it good!!!! far we've comm from the days of either fishing or thinking about getting back out there to fish again. I spent last winter preparing for fishing and learning to tie. This winter is different, I need to make up for this past seasons excesses. What a shift of gears. It's nice to reconnect with all the family and friends that fishing seperated me from. It's like wow- I'm married??
Worlds away from stomping on the eel grass.....or casting into the surf at PI before work...or casting from the bow of ol' Double Happiness...or sitting on Rip Ryders boat with flyrods pointing high ready to storm the beach like the 1st division at Normandy.
How you all doing?

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