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I84 Cyanide Spill 4/22

I was on my way back from the city yesterday and I hear on the car radio tht I84 is closed both directions in the Danbury area and Hazchem teams are in doing cleanup.

This morning I get the whole story on NBC - seems a tractor-trailer loaded with cyanide rear-ended another truck and the stuff spilled all over the road. No fatalities but a couple of state troopers were taken to hospital for observation. Some fish kill has been reported but the DEP is hoping that "dilution will be the solution to polution". It is the only solution actually but it doesn't take much cyanide to kill a fish - or a human for that matter.

It amazes me that this stuff which is as lethal as enriched plutonium can be legally transported in bulk on a public highway in containers that are susceptible to crash damage.

I only hope that the cleanup has been effective - time will tell.
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